Thank You – 100 WordPress followers!

I did it! I got a 100 WordPress followers on my blog. I’m so happy – this is so amazing, I’m literally still flabbergasted that my blog is doing so great. Back in May I was afraid for beginning to blog in English (what would other people think of my desicion? Would it increase my blog?) but that were all worries and I didn’t have to worry about because since then my blog is doing great. Of course, I got my ups and downs but overall my blog gets a lot more of ‘traffic’ and I love the interaction between myself and people from all over the world. I even got to interview two authors and I get a lot more recognition. Again, I’m so happy and I want to give a special individual thanks to all the people that supported me from the beginning. Some sort of acknowlegdement – blogging style!

First off, I want to thank my best friend Merle. She’s been my friend since I was eight old (yes, eight years old!!) and in January we’ve been friends for ten years. Unfortunately, she lives 140 km away from were I live, so we don’t get to see eachother that often. I want to thank Merle because she introduced reading to me, she recommended The Hunger Games to me and thanks to her I became a book lover. If it wasn’t for Merle, I guess I’d still be reading zero books a year. I also want to thank her because she supports me through thick and thin and I just couldn’t live without her. So thank you Merle, for everything and I hope we’ll still be friends when we’re 80 years old! (Which we probably will be)

Second, I want to thank Saskia from Saskia’s Bookshelf. I’ve known her for six years know, but we’ve only been best friends since 2014. I want to thank Saskia because she was the only real live friend I had who also was a book lover, and because she introduced me to blogging. She helped me setting up my previous blog (The Young Reading Girls) and she helped me set up my current blog. She also helped me make blogging changes (like switching to English) and she helped me with my English writing sometimes. I want to thank her because she supports me no matter what and that’s the thing I love about her. Even though she’s in America right now, I know she’ll do the best she can to support me. So Sas, thank you for everything and I miss you very much!

Third, I want to thank my parents. I started reading in summer 2013, so I was 14 by then and I didn’t have a job. I want to thank them because they supported me financially, (this sounds really weird) by buying books for me. I get to buy my own books right now but I still want to thank them. I also want to thank my Mom with helping me with the layout of my blog, because she always helps me pick out the themes and colors and everything. So thank you Mom, Dad, for everything!

I also want to thank my blog friends. I know I have a lot, so I’ll keep it short, but I want to thank Rachel from Fiction Over Reality because she’s my first international book friend and even though we’ve only known eachother since July, she’s one of my best blog friends! I want to thank Melissa from Melissa’s Book World for wanting to collaborate with me – I swear to God, I still don’t know why you want to work with me, because I’m the most craziest, weirdest girl ever, but I’m glad you want to! Melissa is also one of my best blogging friends and I also want to thank her for her opinions. When I’ve got a new idea or want an opinion on something, I always go to Melissa for advice and I love her for that! I also want to thank Sharon form Mission Book, because she’s my reading buddy. She always helps me when I want to buy some new books and yes – thank you very much Sharon. You’re the best! I also want to thank Jaike from Jaike vs de boeken because I can always fangirl with her about everything and I just love talking with her. Another person I want to thank is Kwante In Wonderland because she is literally the Tag Queen of Holland and I want to thank her for all the tags she has gave me. I also want to thank her for being my role model, because really – Kwante, you’re my role model when it comes to blogging! So that we’re my blogging friends in a nutshell, if I forgot someone know that I want to thank you too, even though I forgot to mention you (when I think of it that sounds so bitchy, haha)

I want to thank my real live friends – Sanne, Justien, Romy.. I want to thank you guys because you’re always curious about my blog – even though you guys aren’t book lovers. I just love that about you, so thank you.

I want to thank Netgalley! This site is amazing and gives me many oppertunities to read ARCs and get in touch with authors like D.R. Graham, Olivia Rivers and Chelsey Krause, so thank you!

The last person I want to thank is YOU! My readers. Without you this blog wouldn’t even exist, so I want to send you all the love in the world and of course a big thank you for supporting me.

So that was my thank you speech – I really am grateful for all the support and oppertunities I get for my blog and I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you thank you thank you!


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