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Hello there!

I am Wendy and welcome to my blog! I am eighteen years old and I live in a small town located in the Netherlands. When you first get to know me, I can be quite shy. But once you really get to know me you will notice that I’m actually kind of a crazy girl and always up for fun. I have A LOT of hobby’s; I love books, movies, tv shows and music. I’m totally in love with everything that has to do with romance, so I usually read contemporary books and I’m always swooning when I watch a romantic comedy. I also really like swimming, I’m a member of my local swimming team for 11 years now! I graduated high school on June 11th, 2015 and right now I’m a nursing student.

At first I started this blog because I wanted to share my passion for books. I think that it is amazing that I can share my opinions to the world through this blog and maybe help other book lovers to decide if a book is something worthy for them.

The thing about my reviews is that I don’t want to review like the typical review system. I really want it to do my own way and really tell the other what I felt while reading the book instead of underlining and remembering every single thing that happened in the book. I did that for a long time, and it made me unhappy and I didn’t want to review anymore because I didn’t enjoy the reading due to that. So my new approach is that I just read the book – enjoy it, and then after I’ve finished it, I start to think about what made it a great book (or bad book). So, since we’re talking about ratings, let me show you my rating system:

★★★★★ = I love this book!

★★★★ = I really enjoyed this book, but it just missed something.

★★★ = I liked this book. It wasn’t perfect, but also wasn’t catastrophic.

★★ = I liked this book for 20%, disliked it for at least 80%.

★ = This book is awful.

Hope to see you again sometime!

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