Bye September, Hello October!

Bloggingwise, September has been a greatful month! I’ve had more visitors than I’ve ever had and I reached a 100 WordPress followers (which at the moment is 113 followers – I know, it’s growing SO FAST!). On the otherside, it’s been a sad month book wise. School started again and so did my internship and I’m simply way too busy with that. Which is unfortunate because I just came out of my reading slump and I really want to read, but when I arrive back home from work I’m or way too busy with homework or way to tired to read.. and I really pity that. I hope October will be a better month – I don’t think it will, but we can at least hope, right? So let’s dive into the Wrap Up/TBR.

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Bye June, Hello July!

I can’t believe it’s the 30th of June already. Time flies! It was a good reading month, I managed to read five books and actually I’m really proud of that. June was also the month that Melissa and I ‘launched’ our first collab ‘Story Sound Saturday‘ and I’m so proud of this atricle. There aren’t a lot of posts about books and music and I’m glad that Melissa and I were the first one to revitalize that! And since it’s summer break I get to read books. A lot. And in the first Bye, Hello post I discussed the books I read and which I’m planning to read. But I decided I’m gonna change it up a bit and add a bit more features! Like, which books I’m currently reading and which books I will be mentioning in Waiting On Wednesday.. So are you ready? Here it comes! 😉

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Bye May, Hello June!

This month flew by and I can’t believe it’s almost June. I remember when I told everyone in my May TBR and Month Of Matson post that I’m the best in deviant behaviour but that this month I was sure I stayed close to my plan.. well I shouldn’t have said that because it happened again. I guess I just have to stop making plans and just go with the flow. But back to this post; this will be a new feature on my blog. Once a month I will recap the month a show you what books I’ve read and what books I will most likely read the next month. Hopefully, this time I will stay true to my planning.

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