August TBR

So it’s August. Time is literally floating by. I got to do a lot of fun things in August, like going on trips with my friends, but I’m also going on vacation to GRAN CANARIA! It’s the first time I’m going on vacation outside of the little country I live in – the Netherlands, and it’s also the first time I’ll be on a plane. I’m so excited and I literally can’t wait. I hope August will be as good as a reading month as July, but I’m starting off small and I want to read three amazing books, and one re-read! Let’s start off with the reread and continue further on.

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May TBR and #MonthOfMatson

I know you probably are kind of fed up with me for talking about Morgan Matson all the time but I just have to.. the time is there: It’s finally May and that means it’s #MonthOfMatson! I first heard about this readathon a month ago. I was searching through my YouTube and there was a video of Maureen Keavy, she unboxed The Unexpected Everthing by Morgan Matson (OUT TODAY!!) and she announced that there is gonna be another #MonthOfMatson this year. The first #MonthOfMatson was last year and it’s ofcourse a readathon (duh). If you attend it, you have to read all the books of Morgan Matson over the course of one month. Last year it was June, but this year it’s May its turn.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend to the one last year. The first book I read by Morgan Matson was Since You’ve Been Gone and that was in August. So this time, I’m super excited! And it’s actually even more fun because The Unexpected Everything releases today! The moment I’m writing this I’m still waiting for it to arrive… it should be here within an hour. PLEASE HURRY UP PACKAGE DELIVERY!

So for today I thought it would be nice to show you my reading schedule for this month. Normally I never do a TBR because I am the best in deviant behaviour but this month I’m quite positive!

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