August TBR

So it’s August. Time is literally floating by. I got to do a lot of fun things in August, like going on trips with my friends, but I’m also going on vacation to GRAN CANARIA! It’s the first time I’m going on vacation outside of the little country I live in – the Netherlands, and it’s also the first time I’ll be on a plane. I’m so excited and I literally can’t wait. I hope August will be as good as a reading month as July, but I’m starting off small and I want to read three amazing books, and one re-read! Let’s start off with the reread and continue further on.

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Bye September, Hello October!

Bloggingwise, September has been a greatful month! I’ve had more visitors than I’ve ever had and I reached a 100 WordPress followers (which at the moment is 113 followers – I know, it’s growing SO FAST!). On the otherside, it’s been a sad month book wise. School started again and so did my internship and I’m simply way too busy with that. Which is unfortunate because I just came out of my reading slump and I really want to read, but when I arrive back home from work I’m or way too busy with homework or way to tired to read.. and I really pity that. I hope October will be a better month – I don’t think it will, but we can at least hope, right? So let’s dive into the Wrap Up/TBR.

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Book Struggle Sunday: Which book should I read next?

WhatsApp-Image-20160717After I told my friend Melissa about my discussion post (The Never Ending Battle of Paperbacks vs Hardcovers), Melissa came with the idea to do another collab. We love working together (Story Sound Saturday), so the idea was to also do a post on Sunday! The longer we were discussing the post, the more ideas we came up with and the more excited we got! We want to make an interactive post and that you, readers, join is in our ‘discussions/rants’ on the subjects that we post every Sunday from now on. This will be book related (book struggles), but also real life struggles. We come up with a thesis, write our opinion, ask your opinion in the comments and we hope we can all discuss about it.

This way, you get more insights and perhaps we will think more about certain subjects so that you come across new discoveries. In addition, the interactive portion seemed just super fun. Connecting with other readers and talk about books and more .. We are wondering what you’re going to think of it!

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HELP! I have way too much books on my TBR pile!

I know this post has a stupid title but I couldn’t think of anything different. I really want to talk about TBR piles and the problem we all got with them: they’re huge. Sometimes I try to deny it, but I have to give in. I have way too much books on my TBR pile, I mean, when I go to my Goodreads account and go to my shelves.. my ‘to-be-read’ shelf has 229 books! Obviously we all want to read all the books that excist in the world (well.. not all of them but you get the idea) but we have to be realistic. So I’m going to give you some tips on how to knock off some titles of your TBR pile.

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Bye June, Hello July!

I can’t believe it’s the 30th of June already. Time flies! It was a good reading month, I managed to read five books and actually I’m really proud of that. June was also the month that Melissa and I ‘launched’ our first collab ‘Story Sound Saturday‘ and I’m so proud of this atricle. There aren’t a lot of posts about books and music and I’m glad that Melissa and I were the first one to revitalize that! And since it’s summer break I get to read books. A lot. And in the first Bye, Hello post I discussed the books I read and which I’m planning to read. But I decided I’m gonna change it up a bit and add a bit more features! Like, which books I’m currently reading and which books I will be mentioning in Waiting On Wednesday.. So are you ready? Here it comes! 😉

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Bye May, Hello June!

This month flew by and I can’t believe it’s almost June. I remember when I told everyone in my May TBR and Month Of Matson post that I’m the best in deviant behaviour but that this month I was sure I stayed close to my plan.. well I shouldn’t have said that because it happened again. I guess I just have to stop making plans and just go with the flow. But back to this post; this will be a new feature on my blog. Once a month I will recap the month a show you what books I’ve read and what books I will most likely read the next month. Hopefully, this time I will stay true to my planning.

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May TBR and #MonthOfMatson

I know you probably are kind of fed up with me for talking about Morgan Matson all the time but I just have to.. the time is there: It’s finally May and that means it’s #MonthOfMatson! I first heard about this readathon a month ago. I was searching through my YouTube and there was a video of Maureen Keavy, she unboxed The Unexpected Everthing by Morgan Matson (OUT TODAY!!) and she announced that there is gonna be another #MonthOfMatson this year. The first #MonthOfMatson was last year and it’s ofcourse a readathon (duh). If you attend it, you have to read all the books of Morgan Matson over the course of one month. Last year it was June, but this year it’s May its turn.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend to the one last year. The first book I read by Morgan Matson was Since You’ve Been Gone and that was in August. So this time, I’m super excited! And it’s actually even more fun because The Unexpected Everything releases today! The moment I’m writing this I’m still waiting for it to arrive… it should be here within an hour. PLEASE HURRY UP PACKAGE DELIVERY!

So for today I thought it would be nice to show you my reading schedule for this month. Normally I never do a TBR because I am the best in deviant behaviour but this month I’m quite positive!

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