Hi guys!

It’s been exactly two weeks since I started the giveaway and today I picked my winner… (well at least, Rafflecopter did) and I want to annouce it!

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GIVEAWAY: One Year Anniversary!

OHMYGOD! I can’t believe it. One year ago was the day that I started this blog and I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I’m very happy to have you guys and I’m very happy with my blog (even though things are rough right now, but I’ll get through it). Because it’s been one year and I want to celebrate my 400+ WordPress followers.. I want to do a giveaway!

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All Shook Up Price Drop Alert and Give Away!

Starting today, November 14th thru November 27th ALL SHOOK UP by Chelsey Krause is on sale for $1.99 through all booksellers! Friends become lovers over a whirlwind summer of rockabilly rhythms, twirling skirts, and a mystery that takes them hilariously far out of their element in this humorous and heartwarming romantic comedy! One click and binge read this hot read title today!!

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