Bye May, Hello June!

This month flew by and I can’t believe it’s almost June. I remember when I told everyone in my May TBR and Month Of Matson post that I’m the best in deviant behaviour but that this month I was sure I stayed close to my plan.. well I shouldn’t have said that because it happened again. I guess I just have to stop making plans and just go with the flow. But back to this post; this will be a new feature on my blog. Once a month I will recap the month a show you what books I’ve read and what books I will most likely read the next month. Hopefully, this time I will stay true to my planning.

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Blog Update

So for today I wanted to give you an update: Yet again (no just kidding) I’m changing something about my blog. Usually on Tuesdays I post book related things and maybe you noticed it, or maybe not, but the last couple of weeks I lacked a lot of inspiration. My plan is to skip the Tuesday posts for a while. Otherwise, I think the post lack a lot of quality and originality and that’s not the way I want to manage my blog. So for now, the only posts you’ll be getting are the Waiting On Wednesdays and the reviews on Friday ofcourse! Hope you’ll understand this. And maybe when I get my inspiration back, you’ll see me posting on Tuesday again.

6x Summer Reads

So for today I lacked a whole lot of inspiration, so I decided to get help from my best friend, Merle. She got me my inspiration back and so I’m writing this post! It’s about the perfect reads for summer and since I know a lot of contemporaries this should be a long post. Some I haven’t read, but I know they’re perfect for the summer. So let’s dive into it!

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