What Are The Chances? by D.R. Graham

30290196Title: What Are The Chances?
Author: D.R. Graham
Series: Britannia Beach #2
Genre: Young Adult/ Contemporary/ Romance
Publisher: HarperImpulse
Publication: August 26th, 2016
Pages: 256
Format: eBook

5 sterren

“Oh, there’s a point to a summer fling. Trust me.”

The Inn is sold and Derian Lafleur has been accepted to two universities—one close by and one across the country. Before leaving Britannia Beach for good Deri wants to enjoy one last summer of sun and fun. However her best friend, Sophie Sakamoto, is more interested in making sure Derian has one last summer romance. The question is, with whom? Deri has had a crush on childhood friend Trevor Maverty since forever. But he’s already taken. And Mason Cartwright is back in town after a year abroad. But will he remember her?

Faced with tough choices, emotional revelations, and heart-breaking goodbyes, Derian knows that whatever happens it’s definitely going to be an eventful summer

It was August 25th at midnight while I was waiting for time to pass by. When it finally was midnight and August 26th, I immediately bought the eBook of What Are The Chances? and I started reading. I love this book!

The book started a year later then where Put It Out There (read my review here) left of, and one thing that really stricks me is how grown up Derian is. Even though it’s only been one year, Derian appears to be much older than she actually is and I love that about her. In Put It Out There, she could be a little bit irritating sometimes, due to ‘childish behaviour’ but all of that was gone in What Are The Chances?!

A thing I hate and love at the same time is that I was switching teams the whole time. First, I was on Mason’s side and when Trevor appeared I was on his side.. and he did something stupid and I was on Mason’s side again.. and then he did something stupid and I was on Trevors side again.. And that kept going on for the whole book. While I was reading What Are The Chances? I got to fangirl about it with Danielle herself and she could perfectly explain my situation here.

“I love both the boys for different reasons which is why it’s hard to know which team to be on. As you can see, everyone has some growing up to do…becoming better communicators, figuring how who they really are, making mature choices etc. They don’t always get it right the first time, which I know is stressful for the reader!”

– D.R. Graham

But the reason why I love swtiching teams? Well, I guess it’s the stressful part about it. If a book always goes the way you want it to go, it can be boring sometimes. So I love that this book wasn’t going the way I wanted too (a lot of times).

A big concept in this book is Derian and her clairvoyance. We read about her clairvoyance in Put It Out There, but the clairvoyance in What Are The Chances? was almost the important thing about this book. We get to see Derian developing her ‘gift’ and how she gets to use it.

And thanks to Derian her clairvoyance, there are a lot tense moments too. It involves a car accident and I’m not going to tell much about it but the tension while this was happening was enormous. It is so heavy, it suddenly felt like I was reading a thriller instead of a contemporary!

Another thing I love is that we got to see a lot more from Search and Rescue. That also made the book tensive a lot of times and  I love this little element.

As you’ve read, I love this book and I can’t wait till I can read And Then What?. I want to thank D.R. Graham for everything – fangirling with me and just taking your time for me! Thank you!

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