Bye June, Hello July!

I can’t believe it’s the 30th of June already. Time flies! It was a good reading month, I managed to read five books and actually I’m really proud of that. June was also the month that Melissa and I ‘launched’ our first collab ‘Story Sound Saturday‘ and I’m so proud of this atricle. There aren’t a lot of posts about books and music and I’m glad that Melissa and I were the first one to revitalize that! And since it’s summer break I get to read books. A lot. And in the first Bye, Hello post I discussed the books I read and which I’m planning to read. But I decided I’m gonna change it up a bit and add a bit more features! Like, which books I’m currently reading and which books I will be mentioning in Waiting On Wednesday.. So are you ready? Here it comes! 😉

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Story Sound Saturday #2

WhatsApp-Image-20160603 (2)It’s another Story Sound Saturday!  In this post we (Melissa from Melissa’s Book World and me, Wendy) are gonna recommend books through some songs that we think can really relate to that story. We both had this idea for a couple of months now and we decided to combine our ideas with this post! Music can be very emotional and especially when you can relate a song to that book. We get super excited when that happens and we want to share that happiness with you..

Every two weeks on Saturday we’re gonna share our love for books and music throughout this blog post. Everytime we’ll choose a book or a series that we really liked or gave us some memorable moments. We’re gonna try to convey the essence of the books through music and ofcourse get you guys excited for them! Have fun!

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