Confession Time: I never read Harry Potter

It’s confession time!

I don't like starting a book (3).jpg

I know a lot of you guys are in total shock right now. But it’s true, and I totally shame myself for it.

The reason I never read Harry Potter is probably that when I was introduced to the book world I was only fourteen years old. When i was younger I hated reading because I was so bad at it. It literally took me ages to finish a text, and when I finished it reading, I only remembered like half of the text.

When I was fourteen, I was introduced to the book world thanks to The Hunger Games, and since then I somehow learned that I wasn’t bad at reading, I just had to learn how to read and how to become good at it. So now, almost five years later, I’m actually quite good at reading. I’m still not the fastest, but my imagination has grown and I understand everything I read.

So that’s probably the reason why I haven’t read Harry Potter yet, because when that became famous, I hated reading. Now almost five years later, I really want to read the books, but I first want to collect them all before reading them. My birthday is in 2 months, so I know what to do πŸ˜‰

Are there more people that haven’t read Harry Potter yet?

8 thoughts on “Confession Time: I never read Harry Potter

  1. You should not feel ashamed at all! You’re probably not the only booklover out there who hasn’t read it (yet πŸ˜‰ ) for various reasons. When the time’s right, you will with no doubt receive that letter and enter the magical world of HP πŸ˜‰

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  2. I’ve never read any Harry Potter series either. I had plenty of opportunities as my older sis was a huge fan but the books were so heavy when I was a kid. Now I’m very honest in saying I don’t find the premise very interesting so I’m probably not going to read them ever. I don’t feel like I’m missing out or anything, it’s just not my taste.

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    • I totally get that too! It’s just your taste in books and I think if you think you won’t enjoy them you definitely shouldn’t do it, I always get into a reading slump when I read books I’m not very excited about


  3. Wow, this is honestly a first for me. Never met someone without ties to the Harry Potter world lol. I think it’s fine though since all the books are out and you can take it slowly. You already know the hype, so you can form your own opinions from a later perspective than most. My favorite was the Goblet of Fire, but I really hope you enjoy them all.

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