All Shook Up Release Week Blitz Event: Review and Giveaway!

30971942Title: All Shook Up
Author: Chelsey Krause
Genre: Contemporary /Romance /Chicklit
Publisher: Tryst Books
Publication: August 17th 2016
Pages: 254

I received an eARC from the publisher through Netgalley in an exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Natalie’s world is shaken to its core when she discovers an old photo of a woman who looks like her. Could this woman be related to her birth mother, who put Natalie up for adoption as a baby? When she tracks down the person who dumped the photo album at her thrift shop, she’s shaken again. Especially when the gorgeous fire-fighting guitarist offers to help her find the owner. They quickly become friends – which is all they’ll be, as far as Natalie’s concerned. Her rebellious youth turned her off cheating men, and the new Natalie is looking for true love and a family of her own – something Casey isn’t willing to provide. But how long can Natalie ignore her undeniable attraction to the man with the Irish accent and the broken-down ’57 Chevy?

In Chelsey Krause’s second novel, friends become lovers over a whirlwind summer of rockabilly rhythms, twirling skirts, and a mystery that takes them hilariously far out of their element.

So, I got this book from Netgalley and I was quite excited. I haven’t read that many chicklits yet and it was my plan to read them more. So when I found out that I could read this book I was so happy! And I was even happier when the publisher contacted me and asked if I wanted to participate in the Release Week Celebration event where we promote Chelsey’s newest book! I was thrilled and I’m so happy so participate with this review. So, let’s dive into the review, shall we?

Let me get things straight: I loved this book. There wasn’t even a single thing I didn’t like. I don’t know how Chelsey did it, but she totally got me.

I liked Natalie, the main character, so much. She was so funny and crazy (the positive kind) and somehow, I could really relate to her. Natalie is never scared to be herself, she just does those things and doesn’t really care about what other people think. I think that’s beautiful and I hope to learn that someday. As I said, she was also so funny that I cracked up most of the time.

ASU_teaser3.jpg wordt weergegeven

And Natalie wasn’t the only character I adored, because Casey was also pretty amazing. I loved the reason why he became a firefighter and the fact that he plays the guitar. (Seriously Chelsey, how did you come up with that? Absolutely goals) Casey first comes off as this gorgeous player, but as the story continues you see his soft and caring side and ahh. He really is perfect. I was literally swooning the whole damn time.

ASU_teaser1.jpg wordt weergegeven

And Natalie and Casey together.. I loved their (love)story. They become friends after maybe a bit weird first meeting, but they become even better friends (best friends actually) and eventually find love. The best friends to lovers concept is actually my favorite, so I was very pleased with that. I loved that there actually wasn’t much drama between them too, and it always was fun.

ASU_teaser2.jpg wordt weergegeven

Another thing I absolutely loved was the adopting concept. The fact that Natalie was adopted and she tried to find her birth family. It was a hell of a ride, and it was fun to follow along her journey.

And well.. I really don’t know what to say anymore. As you’d probably noticed, I totally overused the word ‘love’ in this review.. but I can’t help it! This book definitely deserves a spot on my favorite contemporary shelf.


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