The Pokémon Go Book Tag

Disclaimer:  Pokemon Go belongs to Niantic and Nintendo, please don’t sue me.

This tag was created by Aentee from Read At Midnight, but I was tagged by Kwante In Wonderland to do The Pokémon Go Book Tag! Thank you for tagging! If I have to be honest, I kinda had an on/off relationship with Pokémon back in the day. One moment I was in love with the show and I could watch it for hours (literally hours) and the other moment I hated it… when Pokémon Go released my love for Pokémon came back and off I went.. and man.. this game is SO ADDICTIVE!


A book that started my love for reading… that was The Hunger Games! My best friend Merle was into reading way before I did, but she insisted I should watch The Hunger Games and if I liked it, I should go for the books. I did like the movie, so I also read the book adn god I was hooked! The Hunger Games didn’t only got me into reading books, but also really got me into the dystopian genre of Young Adult. Right now dystopian is my second favorite genre and as all you guys know contemporary is definitely #1.

Pokemon-Tag02PikachuOoooh.. that’s a hard one! Especially because I’ve only been reading since 2013, so I haven’t been giving so much attention to the classics. So I guess I’ll have to skip this question.

I guess that’s Percy Jackson. Okay, I know, these books are already kinda ‘old’ but I feel like I don’t wanna read these books anymore because everywhere I look there’s the Percy Jackson fandom.. (look, I don’t even know the fandom name, lol). I also know it’s also kinda weird what I’m saying right now, because I’ve got the first book standing on my bookshelf but ugh. I don’t know. I guess the books also never really spoke to me because they were everywhere and I just wanted to join the trend. I guess I’ll never read them anyway.

Pokemon-Tag-04-Ditto28871512Yes! I have all kinds of books that are similar to eachother, especially because I read mostly contemporary. Example: How Willa Got Her Groove Back from the CreAtive Hearts series. This book really reminds me of Did I Mention I Love You? because both books are about female protagonists that fall for their new stepbrother. Another example: Crazy, Stupid, Fauxmance from the CreAtive Hearts series really reminds me of The Fill-In Boyfriend, because both books are about main characters involved in a fake relationship, but while they’re doing that, they fall in love. That were only two examples.. I can go on and on!

Hmm… well you know, I honestly really don’t mind if a books is like a trazillion pages long. Sure, I will get intimated by it, but not starting it? Nope.

Uuuuuuh, can I tell you guys a little secret? There isn’t one single book that kept me up all night. Let’s say I love my eight hours of sleep. So a books that comes really close to it? That’s definitely City of Ashes. While reading The Mortal Instruments I got so into it and I was so hooked that I couldn’t stop reading! (well, the only thing that kept me from reading was sleeping, of course). I really love the shadow world and I can’t wait till I can read the other series!

I’ll keep saying it: toughest question ever. Especially because contemporary is my #1 favorite genre. And everytime someone asks me this question, I have a dilemma. I just don’t know who to choose! Aaargh! So this is my solution: most of my OTP’s aren’t together yet, so the one I’m going for here is Marguerite and Theo from A Thousand Pieces Of You. Why? Because they’re bae! I know A LOT of people won’t agree with me but I honestly couldn’t care less. I just can’t say no to Theo. He’s definitely my favorite male character in the world.

Pokemon-Tag08-RapidashHonestly? I don’t have a answer to this question. I’ve been reading Young Adults for 3 years now, and I’ve only been introduced to the New Adult and Chick-lit genre, so I haven’t read many books that are ‘fire-hot’ 😉

Before I say anything, I already know a lot of people will disagree with me because they think Cassandra is really streching these series out (which is true, yes) but I’ll never get tired of it. The world building of The Mortal Instruments is terrific, really, I couldn’t say anything less about these series. I still have to read The Invernal Devices, The Shadowhunters codex, the books about Magnus and The Dark Artifices, but one thing I know for sure is that I’ll get enough of it because of the originality and the world building.

24036086I honestly didn’t From A Distant Star would be such a great book. Sure, Saskia recommended to me and all (and you know how recommendations go) but I didn’t think I would like a sci-fi book so much. I thought sci-fi just wasn’t made for me and I could only enjoy dystopian and contemporary books, but when I got this book from Saskia for my 17th birthday I knew I just had to read it (I couldn’t let it stand on my bookshelf for so long, right?!) So on Saskia’s insist I started reading this book and I way kinda ashamed for denigrate this book because it was sci-fi. It was the moment when I started liking sci-fi and I’m still working on eventually loving it.


My never ending fight of reading this series… it’s insane. Honestly guys, I’m not joking. I’ve been wanting to read Throne of Glass for a while now, but everytime I want to start, something comes in between or I’m not in the mood for fantasy. Example: there’s a Dutch Throne of Glass Read A Long going on right now and I’m not in the mood for fantasy. And that’s such a shame because obviously I’m really excited for this series.. Hope the time will be here soon!

Pokemon-Tag15Mew-MewTwoOkay, so I’m allowed to be a super hysterical crazy fangirl, right? Since this summer I’m totally obsessed with Gossip Girl, and I really want the box set with all the twelve books. And I want all the other spin-off series. Oh and I want the TV box set with all the episodes (even if I’ve got them all on Netflix, whatever). But yep, I definitely want them.

Pokemon-Tag10-EggHonestly a question with too much answers. Since I’m a really active (like really active guys, is till have to read and review 30 books) Netgalley member, I’ll read much debut novels and there are also a lot of them which I’m excited for!

Pokemon-Tag11-Lure-ModuleMorgan Matson (currently working on her fifth book!), Estelle Maskame (currently working on something very, very new), Stephanie Perkins, Veronica Roth, Nicola Yoon and basically every book published by Entangled Crush.


Ironically, there isn’t a book that I really want that isn’t released yet. Impossible but true!

I had lots of fun doing this tag. If you’re also a Pokémon lover and love books just as much as us book readers, be sure to do these tag and don’t forget to link me! I would love to see your answers.

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