Confession Time: Happily Ever Afters?

It’s confession time!

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Being a hopeless romantic and a contemporary freak I LOVE happily ever afters. But sometimes I’m wondering: What about them?

Almost every contemporary ends with a happy ever after and I love them for that, I really do, but most of the time I’m wondering where their relationship would go. Will they break up their relationship like a lot of real relationships go, or would they live happily ever after – just like you’d expect them too?

Most of the time books have epilogues and they’ll describe where the story went, a few months later of a few years later. Like in The Hunger Games: Katniss and Peeta got married and they got two very cute children. With them, I just know they’re gonna be together forever, but with some books, I just don’t know. Sometimes I would get an epilogue a few weeks after the last chapter and I actually hate that. I would much rather want an epilogue¬†a few years later, and actually, see if they are still together.

And don’t get me started on books that don’t even have an epilogue. That’s literally the worst thing that can happen to me as a reader.

So, I was wondering – do you guys feel the same about epilogues and happy ever afters?

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One thought on “Confession Time: Happily Ever Afters?

  1. I’m also always curious about how the relationship continued, but I don’t think it want to read about it in an epilogue most of the time. It isn’t realistic that all the relationships stay. However, when I really ship two characters, I don’t want to read how they broke up. I hope that makes sense.

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