Confession Time: Starting Books

It’s confession time!

I don't like starting a book.jpg

I know, I’m writing this and I already hear you guys say: Is she crazy? And of course, I am crazy, but not as crazy as you guys think. The thing about this confession is actually quite normal.

I don’t like starting a book. Let me explain that. We all know the feeling when we’re reading a book and we can relate to the main character on a higher level (it’s like you are besties) and I LOVE that feeling. The thing about starting a new book is that you don’t know how the main character is going to be, and if you’ll be experiencing the same connection you had with the main character from the book you’ve read before, so I dread starting a new book. I angst it. Having a connection with the main character is something I find most important whilst reading a book. So when I don’t know which one it’s going to be, I sometimes postpone starting a new book. I know it’s bad – it’s almost like a bad habit!

There is a solution to my dread of starting a new book though – and I’m figuring it out right now. I only want to go read books I find interesting and I get a good feeling about. I’m talking about contemporaries, but I guess you guys had probably figured that out already. The last seven books I read are all contemporary and when I finish them I actually love to start a new one (totally conflicting the things I just said a paragraph ago). It’s like I can’t be bothered with being scared of the main character – I just know it’s going to be a great book and it’s definitely working.

Also, another great thing helping is that I’m cleaning up my bookshelf and selling a lot of books. Actually, I’m kind of ditching all my books. But that’s a confession for another time 😉

So, I just wanted to get it off my chest and hear you guys out. Do you guys experience the same dread as I? How do you guys manage the dread?

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3 thoughts on “Confession Time: Starting Books

  1. I hate starting a new book but for me it’s because I can’t stand the game of which one is it going to be. Should I read this one, or should I read this one. If only all my problems were like that though. 🙂

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