Book Struggle Sunday: Different editions/heights

WhatsApp-Image-20160717After I told my friend Melissa about my discussion post (The Never Ending Battle of Paperbacks vs Hardcovers), Melissa came with the idea to do another collab. We love working together (Story Sound Saturday), so the idea was to also do a post on Sunday! The longer we were discussing the post, the more ideas we came up with and the more excited we got! We want to make an interactive post and that you, readers, join is in our ‘discussions/rants’ on the subjects that we post every Sunday from now on. This will be book related (book struggles), but also real life struggles. We come up with a thesis, write our opinion, ask your opinion in the comments and we hope we can all discuss about it.

This way, you get more insights and perhaps we will think more about certain subjects so that you come across new discoveries. In addition, the interactive portion seemed just super fun. Connecting with other readers and talk about books and more .. We are wondering what you’re going to think of it!


This week’s subject:


So we’ve all been there – we love a book series so much that we can’t wait for the next book to release. But there’s only one problem: should I buy the national or international edition to match it with my other books? THIS IS SUCH A STRUGGLE!

It’s happened to be before although I try to avoid it. A few examples:

When I used to read the Dutch books, I bought the first two books of .. and I didn’t know the last book wouldn’t be translated in Dutch, so I had to buy the English book instead. Right now, this series is totally out of order on my bookshelf and it bothers me!

My friend bought all the books of The Selection seperately and she didn’t know about the differences between the international and national heights, so now her series are also out of order on her bookshelf. But why is their any difference?

The first difference between this national and international editions is why the international editions are cheaper. Because they are and that’s due to the publisher. The first reason can be because of the way they are printed: they’re usually in paperback instead of hardcovers and sometimes in black or white. The second reason is because the publisher knows he can’t sell them at their US price, so they are willing to sell them at the price people will buy them. Because it’s better to sell them cheaply than not at all.

But why do those books have different heights?
Well, to make a very long story short, it’s because each country has different standards for book sizes. So, national books are smaller than international copies and that’s all due to standards!

That was actually a quite easy reason for this struggle, but if you want you’re books to match just take this tip for me: always look in the product details section if it’s the national or international edition. And if it isn’t mentioned, look at the measurements. I’m pretty sure you’ll never have mismatching books ever again. You’re welcome.

Can you relate to this struggle?

9 thoughts on “Book Struggle Sunday: Different editions/heights

  1. I can TOTALLY relate!!! My bookshelf has completely different heighted books even in the same series, and I find it soooooo annoying. Going on bookstagram makes me even more annoyed sometimes because some people have PERFECT bookshelves, with all books the same height!!

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  2. It frustrates me so much how after a year of being out some books will be rereleased in smaller copies and the originals can’t be found. I had this problem with The Mortal Instruments when I bought the first 5 books not at the time of the release so they were smaller but when I got City of Heavenly Fire it was on the release day and it was a bigger first edition! It’s so frustrating! I think that all books of the same language should be the same copies internationally (e.g. the copy of an English book is the same in all countries) that way there won’t be cover changes or height differences!

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