What To Expect

Normally on Friday I would post a review, but unforunately I don’t have any book to review! I don’t know how it happened but the stock of all my reviews ran out. But don’t worry! I figured I could do a What To Expect post of all the posts you could be expecting from me in the coming weeks.

So first of, you can expect two interviews. I got the chance to interview Carrie Firestone (The Loose Ends List) and Stacie Ramey (The Homecoming). I’m super excited and I can’t wait until I can show their answers to you guys.

Since Wednesday the Amsterdam Dance Event is going strong and since my best friend is an absolute big crazy fan of Martin Garrix (and since I’m a fan of house) will be going to his show tomorrow. So on Monday (Musical Mondays!) you’ll be expecting a big post about this.

The Story Sound Saturdays and Struggle Sundays are coming back! Melissa and I just get super busy sometimes and even when you have to adjust the posts to eachother that can be hard sometimes. So don’t worry, they’re coming back 😉

It’s almost the end of the month, so a Bye October, Hello November post is also coming very soon!

I also have some other little ideas, but I don’t want to give those away. I want it to be a surprise!

So that was it. A whole other post then normal but next week I promise I’ll have a review ready!

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