Musical Monday: New Favorites #2

As you probably know, I LOVE music and I couldn’t live without it. Music is a part of my life and I really want to share my life with you guys through music. So that’s how I came up with this new post: Musical Mondays! Every week I’m discussing different aspects of music, like my new favorite songs, my new favorite artists, my all-time favorite songs, artists, albums etc. You guys can also recommend music or albums in the comments so can I listen to it for you. I’m so excited for this post so let’s dive in!

This week’s subject:

New Favorites

Everyone has favorite songs once in every while and so do I. Because I like so many genres, I also have a wide range of music and thus many favorite songs simultaneously. This can also change, one day I find one song absolutely amazing and the other day there is suddenly a whole new song I love.. My day varies between many kinds of songs, but at the moment there are five songs that I listen to more than once a day!

Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix

THIS SONG IS SO AMAZING! I’m a fan of Little Mix since 2012 – so for quite a while right now. When they announced their new song last week I was so excited and so pumped, I literally couldn’t wait. So last night when they debuted their song on The X Factor, I was watching too (obviously) and OMG, I still can’t get over it. THIS SONG IS SO PERFECT (even though I don’t have a ex so the song doesn’t relate to me) but this is exactly that kind of pop song I like the most and Shout Out To Me Ex is on repeat since last night.. If you love pop songs or you want to give a shout out to your ex.. listen to this song! (You really should!!)

Kids – OneRepublic

I’ve always loved OneRepublic, so when they released their new album on the 7th of October, I instantly listened to it (I’ll do an album review very soon) and when I listened to Kids… I knew right away it was my favorite of the album. I really love the chorus and I also can’t get over this song! This is also a song you should definitely listen to 😉

Can’t Fight It – Cheat Codes x Quintino

Cheat Codes are making such fun songs lately! The same goes for Can’t Fight It – it’s such a fun house song. I just can’t! I keep obsessing.

Love On Me – Galantis ft. Hook ‘N Sling

Galantis released a new song so obviously Love On Me is my newest favorite! Galantis is my favorite DJ and I just love their kind of music and the way that they produce their songs. Love On Me is so happy and cheerful.. I love it soooooo much!

Ur On My Mind – DVBBS

I know this song throughout my friend and it’s such a fun song (my vocabularly isn’t that big as you’ve probably noticed) and I don’t know I really like the beat and it’s just a cool song!

So that were my favorite songs at the moment! If you’ve listened to them or know them, let me know what you think about them! What are your favorite songs right now?

5 thoughts on “Musical Monday: New Favorites #2

  1. I’ll be sure to listen to these! 🙂 My favourites at the minute are mostly BBC 1 Live Lounge songs – Oceans by Coldplay, We Can’t Stop – Bastille (Cover) and Riptide – Taylor Swift (Cover). I’m also loving the album Hopes and Fears by Keane and the Grammy Museum version of Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift ❤

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