Musical Monday: Hidden Songs

As you probably know, I LOVE music and I couldn’t live without it. Music is a part of my life and I really want to share my life with you guys through music. So that’s how I came up with this new post: Musical Mondays! Every week I’m discussing different aspects of music, like my new favorite songs, my new favorite artists, my all-time favorite songs, artists, albums etc. You guys can also recommend music or albums in the comments so can I listen to it for you. I’m so excited for this post so let’s dive in!

This week’s subject:

Hidden Songs

You know the popular songs that every one knows, like the songs of Justien Bieber, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande etc. but there are also a lot of songs that aren’t really discovered yet but in my opinion do deserve the attention. I’ll just call them hidden songs from now, just because they’re ‘hidden’ if you never listen to a whole album and always listen to the popular songs (hope I’m making sense). So let me show you a few of my favorite ‘yet to be discovered’ songs!

Ellie Goulding – Aftertaste

Aftertaste is from Ellie’s latest album Delirium and it’s actually the first single, but it never got the attention it needs. Because this song is literally perfection. It’s got an indie vibe to it which I really like and also the lyrics is beautiful. It’s about a breakup, but it can also be interpretered as the feeling you get when you lose someone. Aftertaste is one of my all time favorites songs and I’m sad it never got released as a single. Shame!

Galantis – Water

A lot of you guys probably don’t know Galantis, but actually, they’re one of my favorite DJ’s out there. Water is the last song of their album Pharmacy and this is also a song that didn’t get released as a single. And that’s such a pity! Water has a sudden power to it, just when the chorus is about to kick in and I love it!

Years & Years – Ties

I looooooove Years & Years and I was so happy when they released their debut album last year. One song I love of Communion is Ties, this is also a song that didn’t get released as a single. I don’t know why I love Ties so much, it has a same vibe as all the other songs on the album. I guess Ties just has a sudden feel to it which makes it a favorite of mine.

Kygo ft. Labrinth – Fragile

I don’t know if this song was popular in other countries, but in the Netherlands it didn’t get the recognition it deserves. Fragile is the first single released from Kygo’s latest album, Cloud Nine, but this song wasn’t (still isn’t) popular in Holland. And I’m very sad about it because this song is so emotional and has such beautiful lyrics.. it really has a deeper meaning with it and I love that about it.

Demi Lovato – Two Pieces

The same goes for Two Pieces by Demi Lovato. This song isn’t release as a single and isn’t popular (at least not in the Netherlands) and that is such a shame! Two Pieces is such a powerful song (I mean listen to that transition from verse to chorus – especially verse 2 goosebumps) and it should definitely deserve more attention!

So that were my hidden songs for this time.. stay tuned for the second episode! What songs do you really love that are ‘hidden’?

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