HELP! I have way too much books on my TBR pile!

I know this post has a stupid title but I couldn’t think of anything different. I really want to talk about TBR piles and the problem we all got with them: they’re huge. Sometimes I try to deny it, but I have to give in. I have way too much books on my TBR pile, I mean, when I go to my Goodreads account and go to my shelves.. my ‘to-be-read’ shelf has 229 books! Obviously we all want to read all the books that excist in the world (well.. not all of them but you get the idea) but we have to be realistic. So I’m going to give you some tips on how to knock off some titles of your TBR pile.

Copy cat
When you scroll through your Goodreads account and you see one of your friends reading a book you think, yeah, cool. But after another few messages, someone else reads the book too and even after that there’s also a third person reading the book. Don’t deny it guys, I know you do it too. I’m the kind of person that will add the book to my TBR pile just because other people are reading the book. But what kind of reasoning is that? I heard some things about it or I haven’t even read the synopsis yet.. The thing you need to do is to read into this book (ironically). From now on I’m going to read the synopsis first, read about the author and genre and then I will consider adding it to my shelf. I guess that’s a way better plan than just adding it because of other people reading it.

You know my favorite genre is contemporary (and my TBR pile is full of them) but there are also a lot of other genres on my TBR shelf. Sure, I love contemporary but I like to read other genres too sometimes. And that’s what I want to talk about, because I do read contemporary most of the time so they’re most likely to be read. But sometimes I add crap books (even contemporary) to my shelf. And that’s something I’m going to do different with my TBR pile too. I’m going to keep the books I really want to read and ‘discard’ the books I’m most likely not gonna read.

Duologies, trilogies and the whole shebang
The thing I’m also doing a lot is add the first book in the series to my TBR shelf, but I do the same with the other books in the series. And actually that’s kind of weird, right? You’ve heard about the book, sure, so you know if it’s something for you but you don’t know if you actually like it. So another tip is only add the first book in the series and if you do like the book, add the rest too.

Organized shelves! Sort of.
Try to devide your TBR pile in different categories. If fantasy is your favorite genre, you should make a fantasy TBR shelf. If you love science-fiction a lot, you should make a science-fiction TBR shelf. I know this maybe doesn’t descrease your TBR shelf, but your shelves get divided and it gives you a more organized feeling.

So that were my tips for reducing your TBR pile and I hope it’s useful for you! How big is your TBR shelf?

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