It’s my Birthday!

AAAAAH! FINALLY GUYS! I’M 18! I’ve waited so long to be dinally turning 18 – kind of weird, being 18 and adult is very expensive but I just really like the number. People will see you as an adult and yeah… I’m going to have a big party to celebrate! So for today I wanted to do the Birthday Tag!

With what celebraties do you share your birthday?

Erm.. nobody. Because I don’t know any celebrity personally.

Is your birthday on a holiday?

Nope! But I do know that I share my birthday with P!nk and Avicii.. how cool is that?

Slightly less fun, but are there also celebrities that died on your birthday?

Not anyone I know of.

What’s your zodiac sign?


What is you Chinese zodiac sign?

A tiger.. very surprised about that!

What was they day when you were born?

That was a on Tuesday afternoon!

What song was number one when you were born?

Funny thing is.. I do know this song very well!

What kind of weather was there when you were born?

It wasn’t a great but it aslo wasn’t really bad. It was 16,9℃!

Is there done any major revelation in histroy on your birthday?

1504 – Michelangelo’s David is unveiled in Piazza della Signoria inFlorence.

1921 – First Miss-America beauty pageant

1991 – The Republic of Macedonia becomes independent.

And a lot of other things.. but nothing really important!

So that was the tag.. I’m gonna enjoy my birthday with friends and family and see you tomorrow!

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