Book Struggle Sunday: Waiting for a release

WhatsApp-Image-20160717After I told my friend Melissa about my discussion post (The Never Ending Battle of Paperbacks vs Hardcovers), Melissa came with the idea to do another collab. We love working together (Story Sound Saturday), so the idea was to also do a post on Sunday! The longer we were discussing the post, the more ideas we came up with and the more excited we got! We want to make an interactive post and that you, readers, join is in our ‘discussions/rants’ on the subjects that we post every Sunday from now on. This will be book related (book struggles), but also real life struggles. We come up with a thesis, write our opinion, ask your opinion in the comments and we hope we can all discuss about it.

This way, you get more insights and perhaps we will think more about certain subjects so that you come across new discoveries. In addition, the interactive portion seemed just super fun. Connecting with other readers and talk about books and more .. We are wondering what you’re going to think of it!


This weeks subject:


Full of anticipation
Because that’s me. Literally. If I like a series or author so much and I still have to wait for a book for a year I’m full of anticipation and that’s killing me. I just want to read the book.. or know how it ends… and if my OTP makes it.. if someone dies.. or lives.. you know my struggle right? I had the same with Did I Mention I Miss You by Estelle Maskame. I finished DIMINY in February, and at that time the release date was still April 28th, so I had to wait for a month. A month is doable, right? But then the release date got replaced to JULY 21TH!! I couldn’t handle it anymore, I swear to you guys. It was literally killing me.


That feeling
But that feeling when you finally get to read a book that you’ve been waiting for for so long.. that feeling is special and so unbelieveably magical. I remember when The Unexpected Everything arrived at my door after waiting for nearly eight months.. first I was so taken away by its beauty that I’ve been making photos for one hour, but after I finally braced myself I started reading it. And that’s also a feeling that’s fantastic! I experience it as a relief everytime. Then I’m just happy I can finally read it.


It can also be totally different, because sometimes I get the priveledge to read a book before it releases. I got to do that with Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon and look how popular that book is right now! The only downside is if you’re simply the only one in your group of booklover friends that read it before it releases.. you get into another problem. Melissa and I tackled that struggle a few weeks ago, so if you want to read about being alone in a fandom click here.

We never get used to it
And well, we booklovers never get used to the anticipation and the feeling of finally reading a book. Because that’s who we are! We love books so much and waiting for a book is basically another part of being a book fangirl.

freaking out.gif

What do you think about having to wait for a book? Do you get the same feeling when you finally get the book in your hands?

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