Gone Wild by Jodi Lundgren

28482075Title: Gone Wild
Author: Jodi Lundgren
Genre: Young Adult/ Contemporary
Publisher: Lorimer
Publication: September 1st, 2016
Pages: 176
Format: Ebook

I received an eARC from the publisher through Netgalley in an exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

1 ster

Bullied in foster care and then by his adoptive mother’s boyfriend, Seth decides to head out on his own. Brooke thinks she might be pregnant, and instead of facing her controlling mother, she runs. The strangers meet in a wilderness park on Vancouver Island, where basic survival is a challenge. As they work together to find food, water, and shelter, they find the strength to take control of their own lives.

I feel quite weird for giving a book one star, but I didn’t enjoy it at all. Sorry Jodi, but I can’t help it.

The main characters are Seth and Brooke, both are written from third person. I prefer first person, but I can roll with third person if the characters actually have characters. And I feel like Seth and Brooke are written quite flat, while reading I didn’t acknowledged their personalities at all.

I also think the concept is weird. Seth escapes for being adopted and Brooke runs away for a possible pregnancy. Okay, I get Seth’s point, being adopted can be very hard. But what I think of both of the characters: why did you have to run away? Life can be hard and I totally understand the circumstances they’re in (I don’t want to sound like a bitch) but running away doesn’t solve anything.

Some parts were just weird.. I should give credit to Jodi for making the book realistic but now I get why authors never include the bathroom scenes. Sure, we all have to pee.. but to actually put that into your book? It felt weird. Especially when Seth got diarrhea..

I’m asking myself why?

The only part I liked about the book was that it was short, so I could read through it pretty fast.

I don’t know what else to say about this book and I’m still shocked I gave a book just one star, but I can’t help it. I feel like a bitch doing this to the author, to Jodi, but the important thing about being a reviewer is to be honest. And this is my honest opinion.

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