The Slang Book Tag

I know I said that all my inspiration was gone, but I saw this tag this afternoon and I really liked it, so I’m gonna do it! It’s called ‘The Slang Book Tag’ and it’s created by Keep A Readin’. I wasn’t tagged, but I’m gonna do the tag anyway (badass! 😉 )

1.) Bye, Felicia!
A book that you didn’t care about/ do not like/ an over-hyped book

When I first read Legend I just couldn’t finish it, so I stopped at 80 pages. But in the beginning of this year I reread it and well.. I really liked it! So this book probrably shouldn’t count but whatever..

We also have The Crown and if you’ve read my review, you know why. I really wasn’t satisfied with this book and I really think it was overhyped.

2.) Ship
A book couple that you ship

Daaaaaamn, this is HARD. Like, REALLY hard. I almost ship everyone, so I don’t know wether I should pick this one, or the other one… but if I really have to choose then my #1 ship is definitely EVERLARK. Katniss and Peeta ofcourse. My first ship and definitely the best one ❤

3.) Bae
A book character of your preferred gender that you would absolutely love to marry.

THEOOOOOOOOOOOO! THEOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YES PLEASE. I’m totally in LOVE with Theo from A Thousand Pieces Of You (review will be up this Friday, May 27th) and I love him so much like OMG. I need a moment. I’ve never fangirled this much about a fictional boy. I WISH HE WAS REAL!

4.) Ain’t nobody got time for that!
A book series so bad/boring, that you did not finish it.

The problem is, even if I hate the book that much, I still try to finish it. Another problem, I’ve only read great books so far… except for Pivotal Moments. That book was just rubbish.

5.) Smol bean
The cutest character in a book/series.

BERTIEEEEEEE! Bertie is the cutest ever guys. And well I know,  it’s a dog BUT STILL. Bertie is a dog in The Unexpected Everything and aaaaaaaah. I want the dog. Right now.

6.) On fleek
A protagonist who’s personality was perfect/on fleek.

I loved Eden in Did I Mention I Love You? and she didn’t annoy me once. So I guess Eden is on fleek.

7.) Netflix and Chill
A ship with so much sexual tension that you just wanted them to KISS ALREADY (and do the sexy).

Um.. that should probably be Tyden (Eden and Tyler) in Did I Mention I Need You? BECAUSE GUYS. THAT WAS MADNESS. If you’ve read it, please fangirl with me.

8.) Shade
A character who’s witty dialogue you loved.

Ah.. I’m just gonna go with Jace. He was sarcastic as hell, but his sarcasm has funny elements. Like really, I regularly had to take a moment to laugh it off and I still couldn’t manage to brace myself.

9.) Damn son
The greatest plot-twist you’ve ever read in a book/series.

THE GUEST LIST!!! FOR SURE! That book is EPIC! That plottwist. LIKE LITERALLY. I didn’t see it coming at all and I was so shocked that I had to put my book away, for at least half an hour… READ IT NOW YOU GUYS.

10.) Blood-Type
A book you’ve read and re-read so many times it’s basically your blood-type/ your favourite book/series when you were young that you still love.

THE HUNGER GAMES. But that wasn’t a surprise I suppose. It’s just the best trilogy ever and… just perfect.

I really enjoyed this tag and now it’s time for me to tag some people!

I know you guys really like tags so Kwante In Wonderland and Melissa’s Book World.. have fun!


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